Build & Brand Your Online Presence with XChange

Your website is arguably the most important component of your brand and communications efforts. It’s rare that a prospective consumer or client will reach out to your company or organziation without first visiting your website. On average, you have about 20 seconds or less to compel your online guests to stay around and dig deeper into your products and services. Your site has to be beautiful, and fresh with up to date information about who you are and the value you offer. XChange empowers you to easily, affordably and conveniently manage your website for optimal results.

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Easy-To-Use Interface

Up-to-date websites attract attention and effectively engage audiences. XChange makes this process easy and convenient. From any internet connection you can quickly add new pages to your website, upload documents for download, add robust forms, blogs, media files, and even add secured user access pages for private data. You can even create multiple users with unique levels of access for each user. XChange offers inline step-by-step instructions when adding new content, guiding you through each step of the process. XChange is a WYSIWYG suite of tools that just makes life easier.

Beautiful & Creative Designs

Let’s face it, it’s a scientific fact that design does matter. Beautiful imagery, an elegant interface, spatial balance, and the perfect color blend can be the determining factor whether or not you successfully connect with your audience. XChange can flex and bend to support virtually any design style and layout. We believe your website can be both functional “and” inspiringly beautiful. XChange was designed with creativity in mind from the very beginning to the final line of code. Whether your style is clean and corporate, warm & fuzzy, or loaded with grungy textures and highly styled flourishes, XChange is ready to provide the necessary horsepower for any design.

Scalable Growth Architecture

XChange is nothing less and nothing more than you need. But as your organization changes, so does your web marketing and technology infrastructure demands. You don’t want to find yourself trapped, and stuck in a corner. XChange is up to the task, and ready to grow along with you and your business or organization. Regardless of how small your site needs are in the beginning, XChange allows you to modularly expand to accommodate your future growth demands. So it’s okay that you can’t predict the future. XChange is flexibile enough to suit both your current website needs, as well as your broader future needs.

SEO Friendly Platform

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” can make your site more attractive, and more easily indexed by the various search engines crawling the web. XChange is designed to empower you to ensure that your website is discoverable in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your website is powerless unless you can attract the right audience. XChange makes it easy for you to manage your SEO data like keywords, page titles, meta-descriptions, image alt tags, H-tags and so much more. Advanced users can even manage 301 redirects and the robots.txt file. Your goal is to attract the largest audience you can, and XChange makes that a possibility.

Go Mobile With Your Website

People are using mobile devices more and more, and they want to stay connected to the web while on the move. The smart phone has revolutionized the web for literally billions of users. XChange is mobile friendly by default, and offers the available flexibility for mobile device optimization when necessary. This add-on feature allows your site to be more quickly accessible for your smart phone audience. XChange can allow you to to modify or add content to your primary and mobile optimized websites simultaneously. Accessibility is crucial, and XChange only strengthens your ability to be seen in the best possible light.

No Software To Install

XChange is accessible from any internet connection in the world, and requires no expensive or cumbersome software to be downloaded or installed on your Mac or PC.  Simply hop on the web, log in, and you’re up and running. You could be at the office, at home, or surfing the web in your hotel room while on vacation, and you’d still have world-wide access to your website via XChange.

Managed & Hosted Platform

XChange is a managed SaaS hosted solution. We host it, maintain it, secure it, manage it and back it all up each night so you don’t have to. We take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on growing your business.  Additionally, XChange users are included when software updates and improvements are pushed at the core level. Our reliable, growing and managed platform actually gets better and better over time.

XChange CMS | Frequently Asked Questions   Request A Free XChange CMS Demo