Brian Recommends: Seth Godin Podcast

Is it possible you’ve not yet heard of Seth Godin? I hope not. Godin is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant business and marketing minds of our time. I’ve read several of his books, including Tribes, The Dip, Linchpin, and Unleashing The Idea Virus, to name a few.

Seth Godin Podcast

Startup School Podcast | By: Seth Godin

I can’t say enough about Seth Godin’s recently launched podcast on iTunes, called “Startup School.” The setting is a series of live recordings in which Seth addresses a small classroom of young entrepreneurs about to embark on their new projects, businesses, and organizations.

In roughly 15 to 30 minute increments, Seth Godin discusses everything from creating scarcity, cash flow, building the truth, and advertising — to tactics, the principle of compromise, competition, and making ideas travel. Seth is incredibly compelling, but even more importantly, accurate and insightful.

If you’re a leader or entrepreneur, or if you’re aspiring to become one, I’d recommend that you download, consume, and journal every episode of this podcast series. And then repeat the process. And definitely subscribe to the podcast so you’re immediately notified each time a new episode is posted. I promise you’ll be better off for the decision, and enriched by your investment of time.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin Biography

Godin has written fourteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages, every one of which has been a bestseller. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual.

“If Seth Godin didn’t exist we’d need to invent him — that’s how indispensable he is!” – Alan Webber, Founder of Fast Company

As an entrepreneur, he has founded dozens of companies, most of which failed. Yoyodyne, his first internet company, was funded by Flatiron and Softbank and acquired by Yahoo! in 1998. It pioneered the use of ethical direct mail online, something Seth calls Permission Marketing. He was VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo! for a year.