Impatience Is A Virtue

Momentum begets momentum and inertia begets inertia. Did you know that the rules of exercise apply just as much to your business as they do your body?

In my experience, I’ve found that moving organizations tend to keep moving.  Ones that rest on their laurels actually atrophy, and die young. Regrettably “not moving” never seems like a bad idea, at first.  Because nothing immediately goes wrong, and nothing signals the dangers of standing still.

“Hey… we waited to see if we were right, and nothing bad happened.  So waiting is good — right?”

As a result, not moving inspires more not moving.  Employees become dormant, and are no longer faced with exciting new challenges and positions.  A few employees tolerate this condition, while others (creatures of habit and opponents of change,) actually relish it.

But dynamic people require dynamic environments.  Go dormant and your action-oriented team will bolt, and take your greatest source of vitality with them.  Without these people your organization becomes even more “waiting oriented,” and you grind to a halt, or worse, you shift into reverse.

Exercise works for business too. Keep stretching. Keep pushing!