Imagine this. What if you were to highlight the details of a business problem to the executives of a typical organization. What do you think their response might be?

The CFO would likely say “It’s a resource problem.”

Human Resources would likely say “It’s a people problem.”

R&D would likely say “It’s an information problem.”

Marketing would likely say “Let’s double the marketing budget.”

Clearly marketing is an absolute necessity for any business or organization to thrive, but more marketing isn’t necessarily always the answer. To be successful, any organization needs to have their ducks in a row. Marketing however, is just one duck.

Better marketing is good. A better reality is even better. Evaluate your business, your service, your systems, your leadership, your marketing… everything. Keep getting better at what you do, and who you are.

Your brand is the perception your clients and prospects have of your business or organization. Keep improving your brand.