Almost Nothing Beats A Brand

Your brand is more than a symbol.  In the public’s eye, your brand is a warranty.  It is a promise that your service will live up to its name, and perform. Your brand is even more important than a warranty. No warranty does enough, because no warranty compensates the warranty holder for their lost time, suffering, frustration, and inconvenience.

Your brand is more important because it is the closest thing to a guarantee, that the customer will not need the warranty, and have to endure the claims process. Brands are even more important to service customers because few services have warranties, in part because most services are difficult, if not impossible, to warrant.

How does one warrant that their legal advice will be certainly good, or that a waiter’s service will be good, or that a tax accountant will find every permissible deduction?

Left without a warranty, the client has only your brand on which to depend.  And depending on brands is just what service clients do. A service is a promise, and building your brand, builds your promise.